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Brain Health Registry

With over 5 million Americans currently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, people are suffering everyday from the emotional and financial burden it places on families. By joining the Brain Health Registry you are helping to accelerate and broaden the possibilities for treatment.

The Brain Health Registry is a web-based, observational research study designed to effectively capture extensive amounts of data that may enable researchers to more efficiently identify, assess, and longitudinally monitor the cognitive changes associated with the progression of neurodegenerative diseases and brain aging.

Signing up for the Brain Health Registry is easy and only takes a few minutes. If you would like to participate, please click here to get started. 


Understanding how Alzheimer’s disease develops in the brain before symptoms appear is a critical step to discovering solutions that aim to one day prevent the disease. Biomarker Evaluation in Young Onset Dementia from Diverse Populations (BEYONDD) is looking to detect Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) early in Diverse Populations (DPs). 

Participating in the BEYONDD study will allow you to monitor and learn about your own health and the risks for Alzheimer’s disease. Your awareness as a participant can be life-changing, and working closely with world-renowned researchers is incredibly valuable to your health and for creating new tools for early brain disease detection.

Black Men’s Brain Health

Black men are historically less likely to participate in research studies. We understand why. But underrepresentation has consequences.

When our voice isn’t heard, our pain is felt. The Black Men’s Brain Health (BMBH) Registry aims to improve outcomes for Black Men by making it as easy as possible for researchers to study the unique problems faced by Black Men.

Help speed up important discoveries with the BMBH Registry. Getting started just takes a few minutes of your time. Visit us here to learn more.


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Change the face of Alzheimer’s research and discovery.

If you’re not in the age range we’re looking for in this study, visit the Brain Health Registry for more opportunities in brain health research.

We respect your privacy. The information you share, and the data we collect from questionnaires and online tests, will be kept confidential.
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